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India is the land of diverse beliefs and that has propagated some unique yet effective practices that have amazing benefits. Vaastu is the oldest science of architecture that has been there since time immemorial in the traditional Hindu system of architecture. It refers to the science of direction that combines the overall design, layout, five elements of nature and balance to create a congenial and a prosperous environment.

Vaastu means ‘Dwelling’ and promotes harmony with natural forces. It aims at creating a harmonious living environment that uses a basic sense of designing architecture that benefits health, mental satisfaction, and successful relationships. The main principle of Vaastu is to enhance the overall well-being on those living in the building.

How Does Vaastu Shastra Work?

Everything that gets created has an effect on cosmic energies. Cosmic energy is ‘chi,' the life force energy that flows through all living beings. Vaastu is a process of balancing the natural five elements of Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Vaayu) and Space that are associated with home, business or office environment.

Vaastu influences the electromagnetic and stellar energies along with the architectural design and layout, space arrangement, spatial geometry and other aspects of architecture to create the best living environment. It identifies strategies and favourability to ensure a prosperous and successful living and working space. It could be adding new objects or reconstructing the geographical measurements to promote better Vaastu.

While Feng Shui is a Chinese art of positioning & placement of different objects & items to facilitate Vaastu corrections without demolition, Vaastu sometimes may involve completely re-constructing or re-modelling the main frame.

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Proper identification and efficient Vaastu before any construction can benefit in the long run. Wellthlink provides you a unique platform that brings together Vaastu Consultants that have extensive experience in implementing Vaastu strategies and solutions. They provide different types of Vaastu services that involve a mix of traditional wisdom and latest technological advancements that help promote and enhance natural elements of residential and commercial properties including new constructions.

Wellthlink also connects you with Vaastu Consultants that guide you on other forms of consultation including Vastu Shastra Consultancy, Vastu Consultancy Services, Fengshui, Pyramidology, Numerology, Energy Scanning, etc. For those who are interested to learn more on Vaastu Shastra, the platform offers training and courses that can help you understand the core principles of Vaastu in details.

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