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Reiki Healing Training

Reiki – An Art of Natural Healing

Reiki has its roots in Japanese origin and is pronounced as ‘ray-key’, It combines two words - ‘Rei’- something that is related to the invisible or unknown around you and the word ‘Ki’- which is referred to the vital energy.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki today has many forms, out of which the 'Usui System of Natural Healing' is the most widely practiced. History of Reiki is associated with Dr. MikaoUsui (1865-1926) who was born in Japan and founded the Usui Shiki Ryoho. He is referred as Usui Sensei, the one who teaches and was always interested in medicine, energy movement and religions. It was whilst he was living at the monastery that Dr. Usui decided to attend IsyuGuo, a 21-day training course, to seek enlightenment. He lived in a cave on Mount Kurama, fasting, meditating and praying for days and it was on the morning of the 21st day that Usui experienced his first mystical event of ‘seeing’ ancient Sanskrit symbols that helped him develop the healing system he was looking for. After this event, Usui set up a clinic in Kyoto, where he began to heal and teach people.

His tradition and methods were passed through several grandmasters of Reiki through an initiation process where Masters pass on their knowledge and expertise to their students.

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy that promotes balance in the body and helps in solving a number of health issues through palm healing and also by channelizing and enhancing the body’s natural energy to accelerate self-healing. It restores balance and promotes a relaxed spiritual harmony that can simply be just felt.

Reiki is a very popular self-healing process and can be learned and practiced by anyone as a daily wellness solution. Reiki healing can be facilitated with light, non-manipulated touch and can also be performed from a distance.

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Reiki – Trainings & Certifications

Reiki is an art to healing naturally and has positive effects on both mind and soul. It balances our emotional, physical and energetic energies. Practicing Reiki can alter the way we live and lead our life.

Developing the art to practice Reiki needs a lot of self-focus and the right mind strength. Wellthlink offers guided Reiki sessions that help individuals learn and perform for personal healing and also advanced courses that certify for professional practitioners. Each training guides you through various Reiki techniques, access your intuition, understand symbols for power and makes you experience different levels of consciousness to help you connect with your inner self. The courses are intended for whoever maybe interested to learn the art of Reiki healing and can also help who want to develop their Reiki healing powers and take it to the next level.

Practitioner Course - Learning Reiki

Level 1 - Reiki Basics

Level 2 - Usage of symbols for distance and mind healing

Level 3 - Master symbols and Reiki Teacher techniques

Level 4 - Master Practitioner

Choose Reliable and Experienced Reiki Masters

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Our platform gives an insight on enhancing healthcare through natural therapies and gives you access to choose and book appointments with reliable and experienced healthcare practitioner and explore a list of training and courses related to wellness near you.