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Life Coaching – Changing Lives

In life, we make decisions, react & respond to situations, worry or get anxious thinking about the uncertain future. Life coachingcan be applied anywhere and can teach you skills to make better decisions in life.

Whether it is about adapting skills for pursuing a new career, maintaining relationships, starting a business, developing personal development skills or elevating your professional career growth, life coaching gives you an unshakeable sense of your self-worth. It provides a positive outlook towards life and changes the lives of others.

How Does Life Coaching Help?

It was Thomas Leonard, an American Financial Planner who first developed coaching as a profession in the 1990’s and called it ‘Coach University’. It offered courses in coaching conducted live or via a series of conference calls referred as ‘teleclasses.'

Life can be challenging at times and often one feels alone or finds it hard to achieve goals, get right guidance towards success or simply feel beyond control.

Whether it is love or care, gentle persuasion or encouragement, Life coaching helps improve the quality of your life. The skills learned can be adapted to become more efficient, effective and successful. It imbibes success secrets to be an effective communicator, tips to overcome obstacles in personal and professional life and take control of your emotional & mental state.

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Anyone Can Be a Life Coach

Life coaching is a catalyst for accomplishing success and also improves health & self-image.

Life coaching is today one of the most sought out career profession and the demand for qualified life has risen the demand for life accredited coaches all around the world. It has amazing results in short time through proven coaching methodologies and training principles. Moreover; there are no limits to the knowledge that you get or the kind of skills you can achieve.

Wellthlink offers four different courses in life coaching, which are:

Entry-level Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching

Mid-level Credentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

Master-level Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

Elite application-only level Credentialed Master Coach

Life coaching skills are changing lives with limitless possibilities. Expert life coach professionals can guide you in choosing the best course suiting your requirements. People from all backgrounds and disciplines such as mentoring, therapy and consulting have also embraced the value of life coaching.Most courses have self-paced learning with individual mentoring, group mentoring, training manuals and practice sessions with face-to-face interactions with experts at regular intervals.

So if you are researching or interesting in life coaching, Wellthlink offers you resources to choose certified courses by the life coach experts. Here you can choose your desired course, select the life coach trainer and learn at your pace.

With support and guidance, these life coaching sessions are highly competitive and a joyful experience.

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