past life regression

Regression Therapy Services

Revoking memories or experiences can help open up emotional wounds that may have never healed or needs to be communicated.Past life regression therapy helps discover and relive past experiences that an individual may have forgotten due to an accident, stress or an ailment.

Past life regression hypnosis assists the practitioner in understanding about patients past relationships, explore defining moments or trace what events might have changed or has reflected them to be in this current state. Past life regression hugely benefits people with inexplicable fears, unexplainable guilt or shame, relationship complications, multiple personality disorder, someone suffering from visual hallucinations and also prevents suicidal tendencies.

Wellthlink connects you directly with recognized and accredited past life regression therapists that provide consultation & solution methods like Gestalt techniques, Inner Child work, Bio-energetic interventions and Rational-emotive therapy.

past life regression hypnosis