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Migraine and Headaches Solution

Headaches can be difficult to explain as each can vary in pain or discomfort. Headaches happen due to the dysfunction or over activity of the pain-sensitive structures in the head.

The head and neck have sensitive pain receptors and whenever these get stimulated due to tension, stress, hormonal changes, sudden trauma or muscular pain, it can lead to a headache. Further, it can also lead to a person feeling nauseous and dizzy. That is then called or referred as ‘Migraine.' The amount of pain experienced during a migraine headache is five times worse than a headache.

What Causes Headaches?

A headache can also occur due to certain injuries (Traumatic headaches or post-concussion headaches), activities such as increased screen time both on TV, Phone, IPad, jumping or running fast or reading under low light. Medication overuse or a hangover can also cause mild headaches. It can even occur if the person gets stressed or angry as it raising their blood pressure. Common symptoms include throbbing pain, constant squeezing on a particular part followed by unrelenting discomfort. It can even spread in clusters from one point of the head or neck to the complete head, causing imminent pain and unrest.

Understanding the Types of Headaches

Primary, secondary and cranial are the three kinds of headaches as stated in medical research. While a primary headache is simple and often goes away with little rest of medicine, the secondary headaches can be more serious. Secondary headaches can range from mild to severe cases of a migraine and occur due to brain tumors or other serious health illness.

While they may not be life-threatening, persistent migraine and headaches can affect our daily routine and quality of life. solving Migraines & Headaches with Alternative Therapies Although there are no warning signs of an upcoming headaches or a migraine, research states that people may feel changes in their mood, feel tired, irritable or find a slight change in taste or smell 24 hours before a headache hits you. A migraine is also linked to women’s menstrual cycle as that is when hormonal changes happen.

Migraines and Headaches can be best diagnosed clinically, while severe cases may require a person to undergo a CT or MRI scan to determine other causes. Solution options will also vary of how much migraines are affecting a person’s normal routine. Prescribed medicines reduce the symptoms, but people are now getting concerned about the side effects and moving on towards complementary and alternative Solution methods to reduce headaches. Solutions may include Biofeedback Therapy, Dietary changes and Nutrition, Stress Management, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, and Yoga. These have huge benefits and can help prevent the frequency of headaches and minimize the severity. Wellthlink offers you the best medical resources and alternative Solution options located near you. The offered Solutions are safe and conducted by reliable therapists and experienced doctors who support you to understand your symptoms, find the right solution and provide relief.

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