Medical Side Effects

Prescription Medicines Can Cause Side Effects

Most convention medicines and prescriptions have common side effects such as nausea, constipation, itchiness, drowsiness and other gastrointestinal issues.It can be as common as an antacid, an antibiotic or a migraine pill that can cause medical side effects. While some side effects may be minor, there are some serious health effects that include asthma attacks, swelling & aching muscles and headaches.

Mild allergic reactions are also quite common and people often ignore it, suppressing it with anti-allergic drugs and blaming it on the pollution of weather changes. But these might result in severe cases of possible side effects damaging the overall health in the long run.

Learn About Your Medicines

Learning and having detailed information about your medications is equally important. Only consume and buy medicines approved by the FDA. The New Drug Applications (NDAs) submitted by pharmaceutical companies contain, first and foremost, clinical evidence that the drug has the therapeutic effect it’s supposed to have and is safe.

While most may not experience any medicinal side effects, there are many others who are highly sensitive towards certain medicines but may not be aware of this sensitivity. A thorough medical analysis can help you understand your sensitivity towards other medicines and a doctor can help you with suitable solution methods.If you already know what medicines don’t suit you, don’t forget to share this information with your doctor. Moreover, you may also not be aware on the serious reactions some medication can have if taken along other complementary prescriptions. The other chronic side effects may include a rise in blood pressure, heartburn, and immense body pain.It is recommended to speak to a healthcare professional before taking any medicine and regularly review your prescribed doses. Ask questions about the medicines; know what it does and how it helps solve your symptoms. Remember, it is good to be informed rather than being ignorant. Elderly people especially need to be more careful as medical side effects can cause serious health ailments, as with growing age, their immunity gets weaker too. As a family member, may sure you organize their medicines as per daily doses and throw away any out-of-date medicines or get them replaced from the nearest pharmacist.

There are medicines that need to be taken on empty stomachs while others need to be had along with food. Chemicals found in our food or fruits too can interact and cause a side effect. So be informed on the correct timings etc.

Seek Medical Help

So if you are worried on the kind of over the counter medicines you have been taking and have spotted a few symptoms that may be a medical side effect, it is time to seek medical attention and connect with your healthcare doctor at the earliest. Make wiser choices about medicines and stay well informed in case a side effect occurs.

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