Anger Management Issues

Anger is a natural emotion, which can be destructive if not controlled. It could be mild or excessive but getting angry or reacting to situations out of control can make you stressed out, leading to numerous other health conditions.

Anger management refers to the process of identifying and handling stressful situations in a calm, composed and positive manner. Anger management dates back thousands of years, with prominent individuals such as Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C.-65 A.D.), Greek physician and philosopher Aelius Galenus (129-216), and Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) highlighting the importance of adjusting one’s perspective of events and avoiding situations which may incite rage.

In modern times, trained psychologists have developed programs to help individuals control their emotions. Some of anger management’s major modern-day contributors include Peter Stearns, Raymond Novaco, Howard Kassinove, Raymond Chip Tafrate, Louis Dunedin, Brad Bushman, and Michael Hoyt.

Some people get angry with small provocations and are often irritated at all times. Anger can be provoked with the negative feeling of anxiety, jealousy or distress and can be manifested with criticism, frustration or through irritation. It can affect the person’s emotional, cognitive and psychological behavior and causes health concerns such as high blood pressure, depression and heart ailments.

Let Go of Anger

Explore the roots of anger. It could be due to verbal arguments, tantrums, being depressed or some provocation. Self-awareness is considered as one of the best healing methods when it comes to anger management. Developing awareness of things that trigger anger will help you identify and observe responses. It helps the person to learn how to control reactions and respond in a socially appropriate manner.

Find ways to gain self-control, engage in productive conversations, get active with outdoor fun and let go of your anger issues. Counting up to ten, hitting the pillow, indulging in physical exercise or taking deep breaths are other simple yet powerful methods to control on the spur emotional distress and anger.

Practicing forgiveness can also assist in controlling anger and is beneficial to emotional wellbeing.

Coping with Anger with a Holistic Approach

Controlling anger needs attention rather than suppressing it outright. Alternative therapies help you control anger by being proactive instead of being reactive, and that reflects in a positive influence in gaining control of your emotions.

Solutions including Hypnosis therapy can eliminate disturbing thinking patterns and channelize positive energy force to transform your life towards positive living. People need to seek help to understand the physical and mental signals of rising anger. With commitment and practice, anger management techniques can bring in personal peace and brings you in a relaxed emotional state.

Wellthlink helps you cope up with anger through alternative therapies such as NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki and Yoga that has numerous benefits in managing anger. Our platform connects you with experienced practitioners and therapists that guide you on getting the right support for your overall health and wellbeing. They help you explore and identify what contributes the anger outbursts and help you gain control over your psychological patterns and channelize positive energy. With greater clarity and insight, you ought to become calmer with situations around you.

Healing anger issues will neutralize negative feelings, gain more peace within yourself, feel more in control and will help you express your needs in a calm composed manner, without being emotionally charged.