How I used healing to change my life – By Kamalika Roy

How I used healing to change my life

Opportunities are everywhere … The question is whether you are listening? Do you feel that your beliefs somehow hinder you from taking the opportunities or even seeing them when they knock on your door?

As a Healer, it is important for me to explain how it all began, why I do what I do and how it has helped me – As a corporate coach life had its own challenges. With each and every one of us, there are issues related to finance, relationships and most of all self-understanding. It was no different for me. I was struggling with my ability to deal with the fact that I had money yet it was not something that used to stay with me; I could never understand how, while I earned an adequate amount, I always felt that we never had enough. It was also something which affected different parts of my life.

When I started working with “Serenity Surrender” as a healing modality – I began to realise everything begins with me and my mind. Most of the times we tend to blame everything externally and don’t look within for a solution. As I started understanding my mind, my purpose and more about myself, it dawned upon me that your perceptions, your belief system and your response towards your situations, when not in sync can lead to a high state of anxiety and concern, without you even noticing it. This state further leads you down a road of unhappiness, self-doubt and ultimately manifestation of stress in the physical and emotional level.

So as I mentioned at the start of this article – “opportunities” – we believe that we don’t have enough opportunities, we believe we can’t make the most of them, we believe we are “unlucky” and that is what we continue to tell ourselves. If you look at it, such a belief system – the constant reinforcement that opportunities don’t come to you, that life is unfair – makes you look at life only through that lens. It tends to get you stuck in a mode of inaction. Where there is inaction – even opportunities seem like challenges and this becomes a vicious cycle – repeating as we go through life.

If we are paying attention to our lives, we’ll recognise those defining moments. The challenge for so many of us is that we are so deep into daily distractions and ‘being busy, busy’ that we miss out on those moments and opportunities that – if jumped on – would get our careers and personal lives to a whole new level of wow.” – Robin S. Sharma

How to change your self – conditioning

Our mind is conditioned from the day we are born and it is conditioned in such a way that we forget to be in touch with the most important part of our mind – the subconscious. We don’t listen to it; we systematically shut it down and work only from the conscious mind and whatever external information we get. This is something that now I am aware of. As I have started getting in touch with my subconscious all the road blocks I saw in my life are slowly but surely turning into learnings and opportunities.

Now – how can you open your mind, change your perspective and belief? For me it was about finding myself through healing – I started with a small issue such as finances and it changed my entire life. It helped me deal with my relationships better, it helped me look at my world from the point of gratitude alone. small things started changing, leading to much bigger changes. I was able to buy a house, establish corrections in my relationships, boost my confidence and thereby change the belief I had about life and myself.

A healer’s role

As a Serenity Surrender healer – my role is very clear – I help, support, and facilitate self awareness in individuals so that they deal with their challenges and thereby their life from a different perspective. Most times we do not have clarity and need someone to show us the mirror. This mirror acts as the catalyst for change. 

My work with individuals is focused on helping them break out of the shackles of their belief system and help them to listen to their inner voice, and prioritise self commitment. Healing of course also traverses the spiritual realm and can help individuals understand the purpose of their life, any baggage they may be carrying from the past that slowly unravels all of these issues.

How you can help yourself

The biggest challenge is to accept who you are – if you can do that and then take a call to change the way you respond to situations, you can live a life of happiness and satisfaction. But it may be difficult for us to get there – which is why I urge you to look within yourself and ask yourself honestly – what are the challenges you face, how can you help yourself resolve them and do you need help with its resolution. The help can come from anywhere – your spouse, your parents or siblings a close friend but it has to be honest, forthright and focused. As you ask yourself these questions you will recognise that every challenge has a resolution and every question asked is an opportunity.

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