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Hypnotherapy for a healthy physical body- Discover the New ‘YOU’.

“I have pain and numbness in my legs for 6 months and now this has started spreading to my arms as well. I am a teacher and now I am unable to stand and write on the board so I have had to leave my job.” These were the client’s words when she first came for her session.


face-636092_1280She had been to numerous doctors and had been subjected to innumerable tests but there was no definitive diagnosis for her condition. A lot of times a client hears that because they are overweight, mentally weak, and just lazy, used to an easy solution through drugs or succumb to panic attacks is the reason they are facing the pain and there is medically nothing wrong with them. This can be very disheartening and indeed upsetting to hear constantly. There is always a reason – but maybe it is not at the physical level – the symptoms are just a manifestation of the real issue. Virtually everyone experiences a pain which comes and goes as it pleases and they overlook it – but a lot of the time this can lead to chronic back pain, migraines and debilitating pain as in the afore mentioned client’s case.


Today more and more people understand the need for a holistic approach to heal them. We have understood now that we are more than just a physical body. Our thoughts and emotions also affect our health. Thus sometimes the physical body manifests a disease or symptom without a tangible physical reason.

The same was the case with the above mentioned client. Her life was clearly impacted to a large degree and she was unable to perform at her job. The impact of this can be catastrophic to lives and before things get to this level it is important to address the problem. In the above case the cause for her pain and numbness was an imbalance in her energy system. The moment her energy system was brought back to balance using various modalities of Hypnotherapy, the symptoms affecting her physical body disappeared. Hypnotherapy uses the power of the subconscious mind to find reasons for the issues the person is dealing with and helps them resolve it.


The basic thing to understand here is that we all are made up of energy, everything around us is also energy and the hum
an body is an energy system. We have a bio-energetic field around us and we function within our bio-energetic field or space. Our thoughts and emotions and also the thoughts and emotions of people around us, affect us thus creating imbalance or contamination in our energy system. These imbalances or contaminations can manifest themselves as pain in our physical body. Since these imbalances or contaminations are at a subtle level they cannot be diagnosed by the use of conventional methods.

Hypnotherapy is a science which deals, without any medicine, with the mind. It can help us delve deep into the recesses of our subconscious mind to find reasons for our issues. So by using Hypnotherapy, we can access our subconscious mind and can remove any imbalances or contaminations thereby leading to a healthy physical body.


During the hypnotherapy session the client was facilitated to sense her own bio-energetic field. She sensed two different energy fragments belonging to people she didn’t know. There were fragments of anger, resentment and bitterness. Using the power of her subconscious mind the client was empowered to take charge and release all the energy fragments which were creating an imbalance in her bio-energetic filed. Whenever we are not in-charge of ourselves, low in our emotions or angry, restless etc. we open our bio-energetic fields to contamination thus creating an imbalance. This contamination can happen from the environment and the people around us.

It took 3 sessions for her to balance, align and harmonise her own energy system. After the sessions the client was able to resume her normal life effectively. She was able to go back to her job as a teacher. Her own mind had shown her the path to her freedom (from the pain)!


We normally look for solutions to our problems outside of us. Whereas actually all our solutions are within us but we don’t know how to access them. Hypnotherapy facilitates in accessing these solutions through our own subconscious mind. It is a non-invasive therapy using the power of our own subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind holds the key to our issues. The power is within us. All we need to do is to trust our own minds.

Come and Explore and Discover the New ‘YOU’.

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