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Choose right hypnotherapist to understand and resolve the foot Eczema

alternative-medicine-1327808_1920A client came with to me with symptoms of foot Eczema (redness, itch and appearance of bubbles in the skin). She had been suffering from this condition for the last three years. She had tried a lot of remedies without being successful. The doctors had told her that this eczema could not be solved. She was supposed to keep that area moist. Topical medicinal ointments were prescribed to her.The client was upset with the way her feet looked. According to her, her feet were ugly and this was affecting her mind set as to how she felt about herself.

Why Eczema typically cannot be resolved medically …

The dictionary defines Eczema as an inflammatory condition of the skin attended with itching and the exudation of serous matter. Medically there is no proper solution for Eczema. The medicines only aim to heal the symptoms.

Since Eczema by design is a symptom of a problem at an emotional level and the symptoms are the manifestation of the emotion, the problem or the issue you are facing by using a purely medical approach there may be short term relief but it always has a tendency of coming back – either in the same form or in a slightly different variant and then you have to start the journey of testing, diagnosing and medicating all over again.

Now if we focus on the resolution of the underlying problem and help you come to terms with it, the symptoms themselves will slowly but surely stop manifesting themselves.

Identifying the cause of her Eczema

As mentioned above my client was undergoing a very difficult time dealing with her Eczema symptoms. I helped her understand how I would work with her; I explained to her that Hypnotherapy is a science of the mind. It is non-invasive therapy. It uses the power of the sub conscious mind to deal with issues. Hypnotherapy is scientific and our body goes through the hypnotic state twice daily. Therapy done in this state (hypnotic state) is called hypnotherapy. Traumas occurring in the present or past life get stored in the sub conscious mind. Through hypnotherapy one can access these stored memories of the traumas and find resolution leading to the disappearance of the symptoms in the current life.

Eczema resolution – The minds interpretation

Once the client was comfortable, I facilitated her advent to a relaxed state of mind. She was facilitated to go back to the first time she experienced the trauma in her body. During her sessions she revisited memories from two different past lives which held the answer to the cause of her foot Eczema.

In one of them, she saw herself as a man in a prehistoric lifetime where the foot had got badly injured, causing trauma. This man lived alone and hunting for survival was a way of life. There was no family system. While walking one day, his foot got entangled in the vines and got stuck in the marshy area. The affected area was the same place where the client was experiencing the foot Eczema in the current life. The prehistoric man tied leaves on that part of the foot; however the foot rotted away and eventually he died.

In another session the client goal-729571saw herself as a woman who was working towards the empowerment of the women in the village. The men folk of the village saw her as a threat since they wanted to control the women and not wanting them to become independent. She saw that the villagers took her away on top of a hill, tied her to a pole and set her ablaze. The foot (same as the foot with Eczema in the current life) was the first to get burnt before she died.

The client was facilitated to release the feelings of helplessness, anger, frustration and sadness which she was experiencing in these moments. In both the sessions, the client was made to disassociate with the traumas from the past lives.

Do you have an open mind?

The client felt light after the sessions. She understood the connection of the emotional and physical trauma that she was carrying from her past lives into the current life.

It took three sessions for the client to come to this understanding and resolve the foot Eczema. Her feet are clear and clean now. She said that it was magical and felt completely free and healed.

The magic lies within. The solution to our issues, which we keep looking outside for, lies deep within us and that’s the space most of us don’t think of exploring.  Hypnotherapy helps you go within the subconscious mind and access deep memories that have stored the traumas from many life times. Hypnotherapy helps you release these traumas from the painful memories with a clear understanding so that you are able to lead a calm, peaceful, effective and productive life.

“Go within and emerge empowered”

Authored by – Anjali Suri and Smriti Batra

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