All You Need to Know about Serenity Surrender Healing

Instead of a physical form, how often do we view our bodies as energy? What is energy? How do we even begin to look beyond the physical form and recognise life as a manifestation of the formless; the non physical; the subconscious? SS helps to unlock the truly unfathomable potential of the subconscious, a part of our being that makes us who we are.
SS uses a technique where one is encouraged to understand the source or the root cause of an issue in the physical in the journey of our soul. The endeavour is to then liberate oneself from it. Simply put, if the wheel of your life is in sync in all aspects, life will have more meaning, joy, and wholeness.

Is your Belief System or Karma holding you back?

In our day-to-day lives don’t we all cringe a little when we hear or realise that something is ‘wrong’, that something needs to be ‘set right’? While the synonyms are plenty, self healing, as a practice and also a way of life, answering all your questions every time, is what SS can lead to. Karma is a response to our situations. Good or bad is simply our way of looking at our situations through our own unique perspective. We perceive through our Karma, as perception is the first response that comes to us naturally when faced with a situation; then comes the action. Through SS we are able to identify the basis of our actions, perceptions and thereby our Karma. The process is extremely simple and plays a major role in leading a truly happy and joyful life.

When we explore our thoughts to try and get an understanding of what went wrong, question ourselves why this is happening to me and respond with a genuine answer, do we begin to see a journey, a pattern, and eventually a solution. By way of a definition, healing addresses and works with the subtle body of energy which has manifested as the physical body. When there are conflicts in the subtle body or the soul or subconscious, it is manifested in our lives in the form of conflicts. Through SS when we heal the subconscious, it then manifests its natural happy and joyful self. 

Like all effective troubleshooting mechanisms, SS begins with an investigation into the impediments and brings to the fore an understanding of the nature of the issue. Recognition, as they say, is half the battle won and once it has occurred, changes, both physical and mental, follows. This process of working with self is the trajectory of healing.

 Karma – This life or a past one?

The well-known adage, the present is shaped by the past has more credibility than we know. As we struggle to cope with our lives, we tend to focus only on the present and take the past as a mixture of events over which we exert little or no control. Yes, we certainly cannot time-travel in the popular sense in which it is known today, but we can delve into our conscience to acquire a deep, more holistic understanding of what happened and why. As discussed earlier, the subconscious holds this information for us and it is through this information that we can begin our abundant journey. What we do not realize is that we carry all of these experiences to every moment we live and if some of those experiences are traumatic, our new experiences tend to get vitiated, thereby choking the possibility of experiencing bliss and happiness.

Interestingly, Karma transcends through lifetimes purely because its root exists in the soul; the subconscious. It is the soul or the formless that take new form and identify keeping its original essence intact to proceed on its journey of self recognition. Each past life brings forth a learning and understanding of who we are and why certain things we experience do not have a conscious explanation in this current life. Here SS helps to surrender the past or the beliefs to the energy of the Creator, and aligning ourselves with the Creator’s energy for that particular issue to resolve the conflict in our soul and manifest each moment with clarity.

What can Serenity Surrender do for you?

Everything that manifests is because of our thoughtsand the mind is the origin of these thoughts which in turn is the window to the subconscious. Each client is a unique individual with their own challenges and opportunities. Where there are broader categories for issues however the root is considerably different for each person. Many clients come to me with a focus on improving their speaking skills or confidence levels. In such cases, as we begin the process, the clients discover that they are missing aspects of happiness, courage and confidence which is inhibiting the way they speak effectively. As I work with them they learn to accept their individuality and transform into individuals who have a sense of who they are and what works for them best. Personally, this has led me into believing that this is as much a journey of self-discovery as it is about problem solving. 

My role essentially is to guide a client to the point where thought and its resulting manifestation of experience is causing the challenge. At this point releasing or letting go of the karma or the beliefs will be the foremost focus. Issues such as relationships with spouse, family and self can be resolved. Furthermore, issues related more fundamentally to our being, such as lack of energy, lack of focus or intimacy, etc. can be rectified. Physical ailments and chronic pain, reasons for financial instabilitydepressive tendencies, anxiety, stress, and many more issues can be addressed and reconciled. Serenity Surrender never focuses on change. SS is always about accepting self unconditionally.

I strongly believe if we simply accept ourselves in each moment, problems will cease to be and everything will become situations. Imagine your life where every minute of your living, you are considering everything to be your situations. Won’t you like to make use of it for you own betterment? Or will you choose to crib and whine about it turning it back into a problem?

I chose the SS way. The way of self recognition and acceptance.

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