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The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystal healing itself is an art in itself. Every culture and religious tradition has some belief related to the crystal healing therapy since the dawn of time. The contemporary era is no different, as the inherent ability of the crystals is believed to enhance the life of the people. Some consider crystals to be both- inert and lifeless, whereas, on the contrary, some believe that they constitute and comprise every bit of our physical and energetic composition. Like crystals, our body too is composed of water and silicon, and hence we can intensely feel the vibration of such bowl. It is all in belief. For those, who have faith in such stones believe to have the connection with higher levels of consciousness and existence. For instance, Quartz crystals hold a different belief altogether of being a powerful sacred tool in various traditions and also, were utilized for its extraordinary qualities by magicians, shamans, and light-workers. The most exceptional quality is its ability to transform the energy.

Some of you believe that everything in the universe is interconnected. Hence, this faith makes you believe that crystals are just the replica or manifestation of who we are. These stones all together have unique paths and are often accepted by energy workers along with the healers that even they have their karmic lessons to be experienced.

Few notable works on crystal healing service

  1. The Crystal Bible; A Definitive Guide to Crystals, by Judy Hall: This was considered to the best and the introductory book for consultation on general properties and use of crystals and its healing application. According to the author, every individual, in one or the other way is attracted to crystals and various gemstones. This book contains the wealth of information in a very comprehensive way and also includes high-quality colored pictures of stones, which is easy to identify.
  2. Healing with Gemstones and Crystals, by Diane Stein: This book contains the detailed explanation on the spiritual and healing properties of the crystals and gems, which are used for healing therapy. There is energy generated by crystal and gemstones, which intersects with the Earth. There is a universal grid performed by them, which is later incorporated into human energy and it is this network which contains our individual minds along with the collective consciousness of the society. Often these stones do more than we expect when kept in our pocket and their energy is expanding in a positive way.
  3. Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies, by Richard Gerber: This writer has tried to harmonize medicine and the direction that were taken by the doctors in the implementation of less conventional therapies. Gerber has mentioned various instances where crystalline technologies are part of our daily life- like laser development, electronics and also computers.(this book was written way long back). He has further stated that humans are multidimensional beings. Each is a compilation of various Vibrational frequencies due to our interconnection with the chakras; we can generate information and energy at the highest. Due to our limited nature of the brain, we are locked up in a fixed space/ frame. This is the reason why higher energies are invisible.

Wellthlink is here to get you connected to and ‘art of healing’, and of course, your faith. These stones can completely change your life, if you trust them.


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