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A Healers Journey – By Jigyasa Jain

Do you know who you are? – A journey to understand myself

As I write this article – I remember a time in my life where challenges just kept coming at me, one after the other and it was just too difficult for me to handle. I could not understand why this was happening to me . . .

A part of me felt maybe I was unlucky – we are always led to believe that it is the external factors in life which cause harm and pain. We feel helpless due to these external factors. There are a lot of factors which weigh us down constantly and we never deal with them. We forever tell ourselves that it is normal to feel the way we are feeling.  We are too busy and hope and wish that they will go away if we don’t give our attention to them

My journey of self-exploration taught me a very important lesson – that a person exhibits two types of behaviour – you can take the route which makes you feel that you are a victim of your circumstances or you can believe in yourself and know that you have the power to overcome anything. Now the first behaviour is the most common and easy to exhibit and most of the time we take that path. The second behaviour is far more challenging and although we believe we cannot do it; when we do it, it’s most rewarding to say the least!

Don’t get me wrong! To be able to exhibit the second behaviour not only requires you to heal yourself and build your belief; it also requires a certain amount of support from those around you as you transition into this journey. I am truly blessed to have the support that I needed, to heal myself. Now as I successfully continue with my journey, I feel it is only logical that I act on this and support as many individuals as I can to overcome their challenges.

So just some food for thought – do you really know who you are? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Exploring the “inner me”

The essence of knowing yourself, is to be aware that, where you have been and what your path has been does NOT necessarily define who you are. When you start looking inwards into your hidden resources you will find potential that you have never been able to tap into, in your past. You would be completely oblivious to the ways you can use it in the future. This is the journey that I facilitate individuals to be on, to discover and harness the power they have within them.

When I started using healing for myself, I got in touch with my subconscious. It is a beautiful experience; I understood where all the challenges and successes actually existed. The subconscious level is the genesis of everything we experience in our daily lives. We store all our unhappy experiences and cherished memories here. Staying in charge of your subconscious mind is what keeps you in charge of your life. I overcame many of my inhibitions. I changed my perspective on how I viewed situations and most of all I accepted myself for who I am … all of this was based on working purely with my subconscious – I realised it is all a part of me and it is up to me to do something about it.

My issue and coming to terms with it

Denial is the state that most of us tend to dwell in, when someone asks you how you are – you are programmed to say “Good” without even thinking about it. What is good? Are you actually good or is it a way of saying I don’t really know? Identifying and accepting that you have an issue is the first step – this can also be one of the most conflict-ridden steps since we never admit to ourselves that we may need help. The same was true of me – it took me a while to analyse my life and come to terms with it – but as soon as I moved into acceptance… my world changed. Without going into any specific details, I can say now that dealing with relationships and the challenges around me has become so much easier, that now I am living with awareness and clarity about what my path is. My journey from being a trained fashion designer to running a school to now healing has taught me that life, along with its challenges, also throws at you, many opportunities and these opportunities are the ones worth waiting for. With “Serenity Surrender Healing”, I have resolved issues relating to my past karmas, my current situations and above all, it has led me down the road of taking action and focusing on it, rather than on the outcome.

My journey as a healer

The important thing to remember here is that all of us go through challenges and no one is exempt from it. Our response and unbiased action is what makes us overcome them. As I have started facilitating individuals – I see, even more so now, the potential and power of healing. Every individual has something they are struggling with ranging from an issue as small as a minor fear or insecurity to much more inhibiting and debilitating conditions such as inexplicable health issues and insurmountable physical pain.

Suffice to say every issue can be resolved if you work with the mind. As I continue to work with individuals, it gives me a feeling of calm and elation that they have started their path of self-discovery and I feel it empowers both them and me.

Every interaction leads to myths being dispelled about our human existence, every word spoken is a way of creating awareness and every issue resolved leads to a happier world I live in. That’s my mantra for my work now and it is unbelievably satisfying. I wish you all the best on this amazing journey of finding yourself and discovering – the real you!


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